Catholic Charities’ Flood Relief Information

More than 25 counties in Eastern Oklahoma are experiencing record-setting flooding. Many lives are affected and numerous homes will need costly repairs and personal belongings replaced. Catholic Charities urges you to join us in prayer for these families. We cannot let our brothers and sisters lose hope.

Rest assured, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Tulsa will do everything possible to help families address their long-term recovery…and we could use your help. Please consider making a donation to our Disaster Relief Fund. With your support, we can help these families from the start with the least amount of delay. Donate here.

Catholic Charities specializes in long-term recovery and case management. We work closely with community partners to provide the most complete disaster relief services. In the days ahead, there will be helping centers established in different parts of the state where immediate assistance will be available, as well as registration for long-term help.

If your family has been affected by the flooding, our prayers and our concern goes out to you. Please complete this Disaster Relief Request Form and we will be in touch soon.