Fr. Solanus Casey inspires donor

Recently, a friend of Catholic Charities explained how a Friar from Michigan inspires her to be a donor. Her mother lived by the teachings of Fr. Solanus Casey (whose beatification is pending sometime in 2017).

Fr. Solanus Casey cemented his reputation for holiness and compassion as the porter or doorkeeper of St. Bonaventure Monastery. He greeted those who came to the monastery’s doors, conducted services for the sick, and helped establish the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in 1929 to feed the hungry during the Great Depression. Fr. Solanus Casey encouraged others to “thank God ahead of time.”

Our friend and donor adopted Fr. Solanus Casey’s philosophy, and when something good happens to her, she sends Catholic Charities or other non-profits a donation.

With joy in her voice, she told us that she avoided power outages during some poor weather that could have affected her refrigerated medicine. She was also injured in an accident, but it could have been worse, so she is thankful. She was inspired to turn her gratitude in these moments into help for others, so she sent Catholic Charities a check.

This friend has passed on over 145 gifts to us over the past 21 years. We love that her “thanks to God” moments spread to benefit so many others as she donates towards our mission.

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