Retreat community comes together to help Catholic Charities volunteer

Jo Ann80 year-old longtime Catholic Charities volunteer, Jo Ann, is a recent convert to the Catholic faith who attends the Church of the Madelene in Tulsa. She is recently widowed, and lives on a very tight budget.

Jo Ann recently revealed to those with whom she volunteers that her hot water heater had stopped working. She had contacted the utility company to reignite the pilot light, but they said the tank was extremely corroded and unsafe to light. She would need a new water heater.

On her limited budget, Jo Ann could’t pay for the water heater, and concluded she’d do without hot water.  In addition to this, she was two months behind on her “almost paid-off” home mortgage.

Her friends at Catholic Charities knew that her situation wasn’t something that could be solved with our resources, so they reached out to women with whom she had attended an ACTS retreat. ACTS stands for Adoration, Community, Theology, Service. We were blessed at Catholic Charities to have a front row seat to the community and service demonstrated by this retreat community as they worked to help their friend in need.

Jo Ann’s retreat sisters collected donations to help her catch up on mortgage payments and purchase a hot water heater. Two retreat team members brought the situation to the attention of their husbands, Calvin and George, from St. Joseph in Bristow. These two men delivered and installed the water tank in Jo Ann’s home for her at no charge.

What a wonderful team effort with the women’s ACTS team of Saint Benedict and the Knights of Columbus-Saint Joseph, Bristow. We love to witness others coming together to help our brothers and sisters in need.