Healing After Abortion

At Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, our mission is to provide help and healing both emotionally and spiritually to those affected by the pain of abortion.

Abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life.  Feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt and grief are common, not only for the woman, but for the man involved, for relatives, friends and others.

Catholic Charities recognizes that part of the pain comes from a denied opportunity to grieve the life that was lost.  We seek to help individuals make peace with themselves, their children and with God.  Guided by a spirit of compassion, we are here to serve as companions on the hope-filled journey of healing.

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats, support groups and individual counseling are available.  

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To make an appointment for individual counseling, please call 918.949.HOPE (4673) or 918.508.7142.  All inquiries are confidential.

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