Benjamin & Joanna’s Letter

Dear Expectant Parents,

We are Ben and Joanna, and we are really excited to meet you! We know that this is a difficult time, and that you are experiencing many emotions right now. We admire you for considering adoption for your baby. There are many couples who are eager to love your child and welcome him or her into their family. Thank you for taking the time to look at our family and learn a little bit about us.

Ben is 38 years old and grew up in Michigan, while Joanna is 37 and moved here from Texas. We have been married 10 years and have lived in Tulsa 6 years. Ben works as a Psychiatrist, while Joanna works part-time as a family doctor. We have two boys who joined our family through adoption. Samuel is 4 1/2 and Joseph is almost 2. We love spending time together, including traveling, reading, jogging, watching movies and listening to music. We love taking the boys to the zoo, aquarium, and park. Samuel enjoys swimming and gymnastics lessons. We love to travel, and have been all over the U.S. and to many other countries, most recently China.

We are active in our local church and our Christian faith is central to our lives. We hope to honor God in all we do.

Ben is a wonderful husband and father. He is kind, affectionate, hard-working, trustworthy, and has an awesome sense of humor. He has a deep sense of justice and is not afraid to sacrifice for others. He is my best friend and the one I can share all my hopes and heartaches with. (Joanna)

Words cannot describe what an amazing woman Joanna is! She is a kind, loving and devoted wife and mother. The reason she became a doctor is because she wants to help people in need and her sense of adventure has taken her all over the world! I love her with all of my heart. (Ben)

We knew that we wanted to adopt before we even started trying to have children. Though we have had fertility challenges, we see God’s hand in our family and know that He has placed Samuel and Joseph with us. We are so thankful for them, yet sense that our family isn’t complete. We would really like to have a little girl, and pray that God would bring us a daughter.

Our adoption journey for Samuel was long and challenging. But in September of 2010, we were finally able to fly to Taiwan and bring him home at 7 months. It was such a joyful day! He has been a life-changing blessing to our family, filling our days with laughter and adventure.

Our adoption of Joseph was very exciting! We got a call saying that a baby had been born in Little Rock. We drove out to meet him, and two weeks later he became a part of our family! It has been so wonderful to know him from the very beginning, and watch him grow and develop. He is such a precious boy, and an important part of our family. He loves his big brother, and they have so much fun playing together. We celebrate the cultural diversity of our family. Samuel is Chinese, and Joseph is biracial African American. We are very intentional about celebrating our children’s birth heritage, including teaching Samuel Chinese and commemorating holidays from both cultural traditions.

We send pictures and letters to our boys’ birth mothers, and pray for their birth parents daily. We are actually open to more contact than they have desired, and are comfortable with an open adoption. We know that the decision to place your child for adoption is a difficult and brave one, and want to provide as much support as we can.

We would love to meet you, and welcome your child into our happy and adventurous family!

Ben, Joanna, Samuel and Joseph