Bobby & Kelly’s Letter

We first want to say thank you for looking at this book about our lives and considering us for this journey you are on.  I (Kelly) am adopted and know that being placed with the perfect family can be life changing.  We are so blessed to be called to adoption to have our family grow.  We grew up together, were high school sweethearts and then married in 2001 and have always had a desire to have several children and we have always known that adoption would be a part of our lives.

We have had several situations in our lives that have made us grow not only as individuals but also have made us closer together as a couple.  I (Kelly) was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2008 and struggled for about six months with it before finding an incredible doctor and treatment plan.  During this time, we had to rely on God first and then each other next and we learned so much about how strong we were during this time.  I (Kelly) am doing amazing now on my medication and have no side effects or issues with my Crohn’s and haven’t been sick in about 6 years!  Another thing that has brought us closer together as a couple is our fertility journey.  We have struggled with infertility for a little over 10 years now, have gone through 5 IVF cycles with 2 resulting in pregnancies but miscarrying both of them.  Through our fertility journey we prayed for God to show us the way to have our family grow.  We both truly feel God put adoption on our hearts and we are so excited to be on this adventure.

If we are the couple you choose, our lives will forever be intertwined by this life you are carrying.  We will do everything in our power to provide the best life for this child.  We will fill this baby with love, nourishment, safety, adventure and a joy like none other.  We will raise this baby in such a way that they will know how special they are and also how special you are. You will always be a part of our lives and this child’s life.  But, if we are not the couple you choose, then I know you will choose the perfect family for you and what you want for this child.  You are making an amazing and wonderful decision!

Thank you,

Bobby and Kelly