Bryan & Mary’s Letter

Dear Expectant Parents,

We would like to introduce you to our family and tell you a bit about our lives. Bryan began life in a small town in northeast Texas and later moved to a small town in northeast Oklahoma. Mary grew up in suburban Oklahoma City. We were both raised in Catholic homes and each grew up with 3 siblings. We were both blessed with loving parents to guide and support us as we grew.

We met while attending Oklahoma State University and participating in intramural sports and volunteer programs. While Bryan moved to Ft. Worth to begin his career, Mary remained in Oklahoma to attend nursing school. Despite the miles between us, our relationship remained strong as we took turns making the drive to visit each other. In 2008, we were married and moved into our first home together near Ft. Worth. We enjoyed our time in Texas, but we both wanted to move closer to family. In 2011 we moved back to Oklahoma, where we bought a house with 5 acres to make our own.

With our new space we’ve grown a large garden and planted a few fruit trees. We have started learning woodworking, which has led to building furniture and even our first bee hives. We enjoy hiking with our 2 dogs and watching movies on a projector in the backyard. We are fortunate to have several family members in Oklahoma, including 4 nieces and nephews who hope to welcome a new cousin to the family.

In 2010, we decided that we were ready to begin expanding our family. We wanted to provide the same fun, creative, and nurturing environment to our children that we experienced in our own families. After 4 years and several miscarriages, we realized that we were meant to be parents not by blood but by love. Even with this unexpected detour, our commitment to building a family has not changed.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. We wish you well as you consider making an adoption plan.

Bryan and Mary