Chris & Morgan’s Letter

Dear Birth Family,

How do we begin to thank you for considering us as parents for your baby? Your decision to
choose adoption for your child is a very brave and selfless act. As parents, we look forward to raising
our children to understand that this decision is one of the greatest acts of love there is.

In 2001, we met in college and quickly became great friends. We began dating that year and
were married in December 2003. Since then, we have been on many adventures and have grown even
closer as a couple. We love to travel and do so as often as we can. This past summer, we went as a
family to Italy for three weeks and had a wonderful time. We also are very involved in our church and
love having opportunities to serve in our community and beyond.

We strongly feel that God has led us down the path to adoption. Early on in dating, we
discussed how great it would be to someday adopt a child. As the years passed and we didn’t become
pregnant on our own, we began to look more into adoption. Through our struggles with infertility and
having a miscarriage, we have always known that God has a plan for ourfamily.

Becoming a family through adopting our daughter, Evan, has blessed us in so many ways. The
bond we have is stronger than we could have ever imagined. This has only reassured us that we are
supposed to be a family built through adoption.

We truly feel that God has chosen adoption for us and couldn’t be more excited that someday
soon we will welcome another baby to ourfarnily. We have so much love to share. We promise to raise
our children with unconditional love and are excited about filling our home with fun and laughter. We
will always encourage them to dream big and support them as they reach for their goals. We will
encourage their curiosity and inspire them to love and give to others. We promise to provide them with
security and we will shower them always with love.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us. You will be in our thoughts and prayers
as you make this difficult decision.


Chris and Morgan