George & Sarah’s Letter

Dear Birth Parents,

As we take this time to introduce ourselves, we want first to thank you for the loving and wonderful gift you are making with the Adoption Plan for your child. Though the personal sacrifice must be difficult beyond our understanding, we feel truly blessed that you will consider the loving gift of adoption for your child. With the same love and care you are taking with your child at this personally difficult time, rest assured that we will love, honor and care for your child with this same commitment. Thank your for the blessing of your Adoption Plan, and thank you so much for considering us.

We are Sarah and George, and we hope that as you read this letter and look through these pages, you will see the love and commitment we share for each other. We hope you’ll see that we will share this same love and commitment with a child in our lives.

We grew up in different cities, but both of us come from very close and loving families, and we remain close to all of our family members this day. We both agree that we were so fortunate to have such wonderful and happy childhoods, full of unconditional love, affection, support, fun, and cherished memories. Our families were actively involved in our church lives, a background that is still very influential to us both. We both had active childhoods, in which we played sports and musical instruments and were active in our social groups. Our parents instilled in us the value of education and of service to others, and we excelled in school and in college. We went on family vacations and the memories of which still come flooding back! We have so much in the way of family dynamics in common that it was easy to see how these experiences shaped us for the good. It was easy for us to fall in love and to commit our lives to each other because we have so much in common.

We want to raise children with the same loving and caring homes that shaped us. Our strong moral values and our love and commitment to family will mean that our home will always be a warm and inviting place for our children.

Sarah was born and raised in Louisville, KY, the daughter of teachers. Her mom was a middle school music teacher, and her dad was a high school basketball coach and civics teacher. Her older brother was a star soccer player, and has since been a high school soccer coach and English/film studies teacher. The value of education was clearly a big focus in the family, and teaching has become the “family business.” Sarah graduated from college with a major in education, and while in her first few years as a classroom teacher (this shows her commitment to children!), she earned a Masters degree in education. Sarah’s passions include music (she played the cello in youth orchestra), marathons and triathlons, reading, college basketball and March Madness, and travel (especially cruises to overseas destinations and visits to bed-and-breakfast inns).

George is the son of American diplomats, and lived some of his early years in Chile and Mexico (he is fully bi-lingual in English and Spanish), before moving to Washington, DC for the rest of his childhood and young adult years. George has an older half-brother (from his dad’s first marriage) and a younger sister, who was adopted while the family lived in Chile. Education was also a big focus in the family. George graduated from college with a major in Anthropology, and later went on to earn a Masters in Exercise Science, on his way to coaching college swimming and directing aquatics programs. George has been a life-long swimmer, and is also passionate about marathons and triathlons, cooking, music, reading and travel.

It was the common interest in marathons that first drew us together. As many modern couples do, we met on the online dating service, when we noticed that we had many common interests. Since our very first date, we felt a closeness and a connection, and our love and commitment to each other has continued to grow. We were engaged after a year of dating, were married after a year of engagement, and have been married for nearly five years. We continue to have fun, experience the world, laugh, love and care for each other, and this is what we want to share with a growing family.

We have always wanted children. George was diagnosed and successfully treated for cancer in 1999-2000, but the treatments compromised fertility. However, it is a very easy decision to pursue adoption, since as we mentioned earlier, George’s sister was adopted into the family when she was an infant. She was immediately welcomed into the family, and has been a loved and valued member of the family from the very first day. Everyone considers her one of God’s true blessings, and she has made and continues to make our family truly fortunate. George had always wanted to adopt a child to honor his sister. So now we plan to honor her with the same commitment to a child. We believe that we can also experience God’s true blessings in the same way that our family still honors George’s sister. We promise to honor and love this child with the same depth we experienced in our lives, before we met and since we’ve been together.

We honor your love and care for your child, and we feel blessed that you have created your Adoption Plan. As parents, we will love, care for and honor this child, and work as hard as we can to give the child the very best advantages possible in our loving home. We look forward to meeting you and to getting to know you, so we can all share in the commitment to the best future for your child.

Know that you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.


Sarah and George