James & Rachel’s Letter

We are James and Rachel,

An unlikely pairing of West Coast chill and Oklahoma charm who met in college, both thousands of miles from home. Our early years as a couple were often spent far apart, even on different continents. But our friendship, then our love, kept us close until we were married in a city park gazebo in Rachel’s home town.

During our 14 years of marriage, we’ve moved from coast to coast and still travel often to see family and friends worldwide. We now live in Tulsa where we have bought a house, built careers, and found a church home that roots our lives in our faith in Jesus.

We’re both warm and loving people, secretly a little nerdy, and because of the families we’ve come from, we are committed to being people of compassion and character. Adoption was valued in both our families. We have siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and even grandparents who have all found their family through adoption.

When we tried to expand our own family, we discovered that conception isn’t a reality for us, and while that was a hard truth, we feel joy in the hope of becoming parents through adoption.

We want you to know how much we respect and honor the difficult decisions ahead of you. We are so thankful for the love and courage you show by considering an adoption plan. We understand the gift and responsibility that comes with being a parent. We’re grateful and humbled at the possibility that you might trust us in this way.

Love is the foundation of our family and our lives. It has led us to this time and place, where we are now reaching out in love to you, to your family, and to your child.

Our hope and prayer is for courage and peace for you in the coming days, weeks, and years as you choose the best path forward for you and for your child.