Jason & Ashley’s Letter

Dear Expectant Parents,

We would like to introduce ourselves in hopes that you can come to know us, even if
just a little bit. It seems so difficult to explain in a brief letter who we are and our
gratitude for your consideration, but we hope that we are able to convey our true
admiration of the love you have for your child, as well as our desire to be loving,
nurturing parents. We are Jason and Ashley, and we thank you for taking the time to
learn about us and our life together.

We met in 2007 and have been together ever since. We were married in 2010, and
the past few years have been the happiest- and some of the most difficult- of our
lives. Together we struggled with infertility for a couple of years and endured many
doctor visits, surgeries, and procedures only to find that we will not be able to have
biological children. Being in our twenties, it wasn’t something we expected to learn.
However, through these struggles, we have built an even stronger, more durable,
and more loving relationship, and we genuinely would not change our path if we
could. We are committed to one another in good times and in bad, and we have built
a solid relationship. There are no words to describe the joy and anticipation we feel
about the possibility of becoming parents through adoption. We both have family
members who were adopted, and we understand that families are built through love. It
was truly an easy decision to arrive at, and we can’t wait to meet our first-born

Together we enjoy cooking, gardening, watching basketball and football, working on
household projects, taking our dogs for walks, traveling, and watching movies. We
both enjoy new experiences, whether it be new foods, new cultures, or new
adventures, and we hope to learn together from new experiences as we begin our

We were both raised by loving parents and have siblings who remain our closest
friends. Jason has one younger sister and one younger brother. His parents have
been married for 30 years and will make the most wonderful grandparents. Ashley
has one younger sister, and she and her sister were raised by two incredible
parents. Her father passed away in 2002, but we will be sure that your child comes
to know him through our memories and stories. Ashley’s mother already can’t stop
talking about her future grandbaby. On both sides, our first child will be the first
grandchild, and everyone is eagerly awaiting his or her arrival and their new roles
as grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles. There is no question that
he or she is already loved so much.

It is our hope that you know what respect we have for you and what care we feel
toward you. Our love for your child is already incomprehensible-we can hardly
imagine how it will grow once he or she is in our arms. We believe raising children
together will be the single most important thing we could ever do in life, and we
have looked forward to being parents for a long time. Please know that we will
provide a stable, nurturing, loving home for your child and that we will strive to
provide all of our children with every opportunity for happiness and success. We
are committed to embracing your child’s individuality, preserving his or her culture,
and creating a foundation of confidence and courage for all of our children. Your
child will always know of you and where he or she came from. Our future son or
daughter will be raised knowing that he or she has two sets of loving, adoring
parents, and we hope that such support allows for a happy, healthy, and confident

No one on this earth, other than our own mothers, who gave us life. could give us
such a gift as you. We don’t yet know you, but we will forever love you. Please
know that your child will always be your child, and no matter your decision, we are
honored to have been considered as his or her adoptive parents. We wish you the
very best.

With love,
Jason and Ashley