Nathan & Elisabeth’s Letter

Expectant Parents,

We would like to start out by thanking you for your brave and courageous decision to consider
adoption. We know that by making this decision you only want what is best for your child and we
respect your desire to find the right family to love and cherish your child.

We hope that sharing with you how excited we are to provide a safe, loving and supportive home for
your child will help with your decision. We are so honored to be a part of this incredibly personal
decision and are so excited about the prospect of welcoming a child into our family.

We feel like this is the most important letter we will ever write. We are honored that you are taking the
time to look at our life book. A little about us. Our names are Nathan, Elisabeth and our daughter Lilly.
We met in high school and started dating at 16. We were engaged at 18 and married by 20. We have
one 6 year old daughter named Lilly. Elisabeth was told it was unlikely for us to conceive naturally. It
took three years of trying to conceive Lilly and that was a miracle in itself. Nathan is a very loving
father and spends lots of time with the family. He enjoys doing activities with Lilly and would love to
add another child to the family (Elisabeth’s words). Elisabeth is an amazing stay at home mother. She
is very nurturing and would do anything for her family. She is always planning things for us to do
together and has plenty of love for a growing family (Nathan’s words). We also work together when
possible. We along with Nathan’s father flip houses and Elisabeth helps out when Lilly is at school.
Lilly is so excited to have a younger sibling. She talks about it literally every day. She has been
drawing pictures of our family with a baby. She wants to be a great big sister and wants to help out
with changing diapers and feeding the baby. She also wants to teach it all the things she knows how to
do. It is her desire to be great, responsible big sister. We also have one cat named Tucker. He is very
sweet and loves being brushed. We have close family and friends that are very supportive about our
plans to adopt and are ready with open arms.

We thank you again for considering us. We know that it may be hard to “know” us just by reading a
letter, but we pray that God will allow you to feel our love and have a peace about your decision.

Nathan and Elisabeth