Peter & Jennifer’s Letter

Dear Birthparent,

We’ve tried multiple times to begin this letter to you. We cannot begin to understand the feelings that you are feeling right now. We are in awe of your courage and love to give your child the love that he needs. We are humbled by your consideration of us for this great role as parents of your child. Our children are excited and hopeful for a younger sibling to join our happy crew. We are praying for you and our family as we journey towards adoption together.

We want to share a bit of our own story with you, so you can know us better. Peter and I met in high school and began dating in my junior year, his senior year. We have been together for almost twenty-five years and have been married for twenty of those years. You could say that we have grown up together. We have learned to really speak and listen to each other. We make an effort to support each other’s interests and feelings. Truly, after so many years, we have a grown into a deeper love and friendship than we could have imagined at 16 years old.

The joy of our marriage has been our children. We have been blessed to raise three wonderful kids. We have a daughter, Kristjana (20) who is in her junior year at Ave Maria University studying business and theology, a son, Brendan (19) who has just begun his college career at OSU, and our youngest son, John, 16, who is a junior in high school. We committed early in our children’s education to be their primary educators. We have homeschooled all three of our children from kindergarten through high school. They have been very successful academically. Our children have diverse interests and we have tried hard to ensure they had the opportunity to develop their skills and talents. Our daughter played competitive soccer throughout her school career and loves the sport still! Our sons have been avid scouts. Brendan achieved the rank of Eagle Scout a year ago. John is currently working towards his Eagle award. The boys love the opportunity for adventure that the Scouts have afforded them. Brendan traveled with his group to northern Minnesota to hike, canoe, and camp in the wilderness for a week. John has been hiking and camping in the mountains of New Mexico and recently sailed for a week off the coast of Jamaica with his troop. Their experiences in sports, scouts, and their church youth group has given them a broad life experience with many different people.

Pete has been an airline mechanic for over twenty years. He has always been very interested in how mechanical things work. He is an excellent mechanic and ‘fixit’ guy. His career with the airline has been a steady source of income that has enabled me to stay home with our children. We both felt it was important for one of us to be home with the children during their formative years. I have been blessed by this time with the children. Eight years ago, Peter, through his love and devotion to God, discerned a calling to the diaconate. In addition to the long work hours with the airline, he took on a six year course of study to become a deacon of the Catholic Church. It involved a great sacrifice on his part, and ours, as he undertook the time to enter into formation to become a deacon. Praise God, he was ordained as a deacon one year ago, May 31, 2015. His role as a deacon involves serving at our parish, which we have attended for 12 years, and at the chancery in Tulsa.

I have been a stay at home mom for our children’s whole lives. Prior to our marriage, I had worked with children as a nanny and as a preschool assistant. I have had a special interest in early childhood development. For many years, I worked from home as a childcare provider. About the same time Peter was discerning the diaconate, I discovered that Catholic Charities needed a care family for newborns whose parents were considering adoption. We have been blessed to serve the parents who come to Catholic Charities for manyyears as foster parents. We enjoy having these sweet little ones visit our home. It was through our work at Catholic Charities that we grew in our understanding of adoption. After several years of fostering, we have felt called to open our hearts to adoption.

We are hopeful to grow our family through adoption. We would love the chance to meet you and get to know you. We are praying for you and thinking of you often. We know this decision is a difficult one and we know that you are carefully considering the best way to parent your child. We offer you our unconditional love and support in this journey. We are nervous and excited, too.


Jennifer and Peter