Ryan & Lindsay’s Letter

Dear Expectant Parents,

We are Ryan and Lindsay and we are so thankful that you are considering adoption, and for thinking of us as possible adoptive parents. Though we cannot begin to know all you may be going through right now, we truly appreciate the tremendous love and courage it takes for you to travel down the road of adoption. We are honored to be a part of this incredibly personal decision and are excited about the prospect of welcoming a child into our family.

We met about 15 years ago in high school and became great friends throughout our college years. We’ve been married for 9 years now and can’t imagine life without each other. We both grew up in loving, tight knit families who understand the importance of religion, education, and hard work. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are today if not for our wonderful parents and for that we are so very blessed.

Ryan is an assistant principal of a middle school. He has been in education for 10 years and relishes the relationships and influence he has on his students. Lindsay works for a company that specializes in retirement plans and she truly loves her job. She has been with the same company for the past 5 years and has made numerous relationships in her time there.

For unknown reasons we have struggled with infertility. After four long years of treatments we decided to adopt. We were blessed beyond our wildest dreams with our beautiful daughter Rae. Adoption was no doubt the best decision we’ve ever made. She has been a tremendous blessing to not only the both of us, but to our families as well.

We think you are very brave and caring people. We want you to know that by making an adoption plan for your child, you are allowing us to realize our dream of parenthood and we can’t imagine a greater gift. Should you choose us to be your child’s parents, please know that we will always hold a special place in our hearts for you and will be forever grateful for the life you have given us. We honor your courage and commitment to your child. We consider you a true angel. We wish you an easy pregnancy, a smooth delivery and a happy and healthy future. Good luck and God bless.


Ryan and Lindsay