Scott & Marnie’s Letter

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength it takes for you to consider adoption for your baby. It is a courageous and selfless decision and we would be honored to be considered as a family for your child. It is our hope that this letter provides you with a picture of what life with our family would be like for your baby. We will also tell you a little about ourselves prior to starting our family. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce our family to you.

We both grew up in strong Christian families  – Scott in East Texas, Marnie in North Texas. We met in the singles group at our church in 1999, and became great friends. We had similar interests and loved to make each other laugh. But above all, we shared the same faith in Jesus. While dating, we shared our dream to have children someday. After we married in 2002, we enjoyed our life together but we were disappointed by our inability to have children naturally and explored our options to add to our family. After unsuccessful infertility treatment and much prayer, we began earnestly looking at adoption. Our hearts were moved as we heard and read stories about children waiting for homes. We knew that we had been blessed with the resources (spiritually, financially, and otherwise) to provide a loving home to a child and we moved forward with that aim. In October of 2014, our precious son Zachary was born to a birth mother who chose us to raise him. We continue to enjoy an open adoption with her.

Zachary is such a joy in our lives and Marnie is so thrilled to be a stay at home mom. Scott works full time as a development director for a national non-profit organization, and is happy to spend evenings and weekends with the family. Dinner together every night is a priority. As a family, we enjoy being outdoors – hiking, gardening, playing at the park or in our yard. We also enjoy music, singing, and dancing together. Our little dog Charlie has enjoyed having a playmate too. Some days are long and some are difficult, but at the end of the day, we always reflect on our deep love for our son. Our lives have been forever changed since we became parents! And now that Zachary is 2.5 years old, we are excited to again pursue the possibility of adding a child to our family through adoption.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about our family and for considering us as a family for your baby. We plan to be very open with your child about how he or she came to be part of our family and that this was made possible because of your courageous and selfless decision. Know that your child will grow up with lots of love and support from us as parents and from their big brother, Zachary. We would be forever grateful to you and will be happy to share photos and letters with you so that you can know how your child is growing. We wish you much luck with such an important decision, and one that we know will not be easy. Should your heart steer you in our direction for an adoptive family, may you find comfort in knowing that your baby will live with laughter and love.


Scott, Marnie, and Zachary