Todd & Jacqueline’s Letter

Dear Prospective Birthparent(s),

We enjoyed our careers and worked hard to get there. Although we had the careers we wanted, we never felt that we were truly helping others and doing what God wanted for us. We both wanted more out of our lives. So we became teachers at a university. For the last ten years (Todd) & seven years (Jacqueline) we have loved it. We help change lives every day! We mentor lots of students; we mentor teens at church too. We help take care of and serve so many people. We are blessed to have the jobs we have because it is very rewarding and fulfilling.

The last ten years we have traveled all over the United States, done tons of adventures, lived life to the fullest, chased are dreams, loved each other and others. We have a strong, loving, happy, marriage that both of us love to take care of each other.

We have rewarding jobs, plenty of money, great friends, new house, a strong and happy relationship. Through God we have built a great life together. One thing we cannot do is have a baby. For six years we have tried to be parents, but because of fertility issues we cannot. We have tried medical procedures and they have been unsuccessful. So we have been praying and have been led to adopt. It has not been easy for us to not have what we have always wanted and dreamed of, a child(ren). In last few years, we really have felt empty inside because we don’t have a child to bless our lives with. We know one day God will final answer are prayers to have a baby. It took us awhile to understand why God did not provide a baby of our own. It’s because he was leading us to adopt. We would be so excited and blessed to have your child. So our lives will be fulfilled and truly blessed.

We have faith God will provide and we hope that you choose us. And we pray every night for a child. We also pray every night for our future birth parents. We know your decision is not easy. We pray continuously that God will give you courage and strength. Please know that if we are not chosen, we are proud of your choice and know you will be helping a family like us that can’t create life. We can’t do this without courageous families like you!

We are so honored that you have chosen to take a little glimpse into our hearts and lives. We can’t imagine what you are going through, but we want you to know that your decision to choose life and to choose a family to place your child with us, in our eyes, is one of the most selfless and beautiful decisions a human being can make. Your decision truly reflects how amazing and precious the gift of life is; not only the life you carry, but the beauty that you are and the impact that your life will make on so many other people.

We can hardly wait to be parents. We can’t wait to help them grow to be a loving, caring, kind, hardworking, responsible, respectful, successful, and a child with strong values. We look forward to helping them learn and doing their homework.

We are excited to go places with them and to take them on adventures and going to all of their events. We want to be that dad or mom that is at every game or play. We want it so bad to take care of and be there for our child. We want to love them. We have a strong marriage, loving families, and awesome community of faith-filled friends that are eager to welcome a child through adoption.

We hope you will find peace in knowing which family God has in mind for your child. We also hope to show you the strong desire that God has placed within us to begin our family through adoption. But no matter which family your child is placed with, we have the utmost respect and admiration for you. You are in our prayers!

From Todd & Jacqueline