Tommy & Anna’s Letter

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you for looking through our profile. You are so brave and strong to consider allowing your child to become part of another family. They will always know that they came from you and that you loved them so much. Even though we haven’t met, we pray for your health and comfort, along with peace of mind while you undergo such a stressful time in your life.

A little about us…we met in high school and dated occasionally until late in our college years when we reconnected. We married in 2005 and, while marriage isn’t always easy, it has been a lot of fun and a real opportunity to grow and learn together. We can honestly say that we love each other more now than we did when we first got married.

Our daughter Leslie was born in January of 2009. Anna went into labor in early January of that year, although Leslie wasn’t due until mid-April. After Leslie was born, doctors ran tests and determined that Anna has a condition that would require medications and intense monitoring of any future pregnancies. Leslie stayed in the hospital for three months, but is now caught up developmentally to where she should be for her age. Although Anna’s doctors have said that we could have more biological children, we started researching adoption and do strongly feel that this is the direction that the Lord is directing us.

Tommy is a doctor and works in a local hospital and clinic and Anna is a supervisor at a local energy company. We both really enjoy our work, but our most favorite times are spent with each other and Leslie. Leslie is three and tons of fun. She is spunky and loves to dance and sing. Her favorite activities right now are to play with her baby dolls and stuffed animals, putting them to bed, rocking them and just generally moving them from one place to another in the house. If Leslie wants to roughhouse or be tossed in the air, she goes to Tommy. When she needs to snuggle or is scared or sad, she finds Anna. Other than these preferences, we co-parent completely and trade off on such activities like giving baths and fixing dinner.

Leslie’s frequent companion is Pugly, our eleven year old dog. Pugly is so patient, allowing Leslie to hug her and to hold her leash without complaint. She sits on blankets that Leslie puts on the floor, and Leslie will cover Pugly up as well as her dolls. Pugly knows that Leslie drops a lot of food while eating, so you can always find her near the table at meal times.

We are active members of a local church that has great facilities for children and families. Our church family is very supportive of our desire to adopt and there are other adopted children in our congregation so this next child will be welcomed and treated as an equal.

During our free time, we love to be with our extended families, including our parents, Anna’s grandparents, and some of Tommy’s siblings and their families. It can get a little hectic with 19 people at our table for Christmas, but it is also a lot of fun! We also love to work in the yard, read, watch sports and travel.

Being parents has been such a joy for us. While it can be exhausting, we have enjoyed every step of the journey thus far and we look forward to the future. We know we have a lot of love to share and we have a wonderful support system that helps us when we need it. Your baby will be loved beyond measure and we will work to give them every opportunity in life. They will know the love of the Lord and be raised with a sister, lots of cousins, and family and friends.

As we said before, we will be praying for you and the decisions you are making. We ask for a safe pregnancy and delivery, and please remember, you are so blessed.

We hope to meet you soon and answer all the questions you have about us and our family.

Tommy and Anna (and Leslie)