Current Classes

GED Classes (English): These classes prepare you for the GED Test. The GED classes offered at this location are part of the Union Schools Adult Education Program. If you would like to know more about the GED test and classes offered by Union, click here (

GED Classes (Spanish): These classes prepare you to pass the GED Test in Spanish. These GED classes are managed by Catholic Charities. You will have to pass the assessment test of middle school to be able to take this class.

English as a Second Language: Learn the basics of the English Language in a small group setting. Catholic Charities offered three levels of English. Assessment for new students are held at the Education Center every other Wednesday at 6:00 pm (See class schedule for details.)

Elementary and Middle School in Spanish: Catholic Charities is an official location for the Mexican Institute of Adult Basic Education. This program is open to Spanish Speakers of all countries. After graduation, the students receive an official diploma from the Secretariat of Public Education of Mexico. Enrollment for new students is everyother Wednesdays at 10 am and 6 pm (See class schedule for details.)

Basic Computer Class: This class is an introduction to basic computer skills, internet and Office (word, excel, power point). This is a stress free and hands on class were students will have the chance to practice on site and explore the benefits of using the computer in their daily live.

Parenting Classes: Mothers of children 24 month or less get together and learn games, activities and strategies to support the development of their children. (See class schedule for details.)

Natural Family Planning: Fertility Awareness and Reproductive Health in a Culture of Life. Learn how to achieve or postpone pregnancies using the Billings Ovulation Method, a extremely effective method that should not be confuse with the inaccurate Rhythm Method. After the introductory class, you could additional private training from one of our instructors. Bilingual staff is available.