Teachers and Volunteers

We believe that the person in need should not be perceived as a passive recipient of help, but as an individual with the capacity to become an active transformer of his or her life, family and community. Our teachers assist Catholic Charities’ clients willing to find constructive and beneficial ways to overcome poverty.

Our volunteers have different background and functions inside the Education Center.

These are just some of the many volunteer opportunities available.

Teacher or Teacher Assistant

Private Tutor

Promotion and Enrollment

Hospitality and Room Set up

Day Care facilitator


Administrative Assistant

Interested in Volunteering at the Education Center?

Our volunteers come to Catholic Charities once a week, and usually make a commitment to teach or volunteer in other educational tasks for 8 weeks.

We also welcome high school students willing to volunteer their time on room set up, hospitality or assisting with child care.

Our volunteer teachers believe in promoting spiritual works of mercy and volunteerism  through their own example.

Promoting stewardship of time and talent among teachers with backgrounds in education or social work give us the opportunity to provide high quality classes to people from underserved populations. However, professionals of other areas are welcome!

If you are considering to volunteer at the Education Center, contact Heidi Hernandez at 918.508.7102 or hhernandez@cctulsa.org.



Should I have experience teaching to become a teacher at Catholic Charities?

Teaching experience is recommended. However, people without previous experience teaching are also welcome. You’ll receive training in the area and sometimes will start as teacher assistant, until you feel confident enough to take a class by your own.

Can I make a commitment for less than 8 weeks?

If you are interested in becoming a teacher assistant or if you are willing to help us in administrative task you could make a commitment for less than 8 weeks. If you would like to teach a class, we encourage you to consider volunteering for at least 8 weeks.

What happens if I cannot teach one of my classes?

We usually have volunteer substitute teachers to help you if you are not able to make it for one class. Usually, our teachers give us a notice at least 48 hours in advance.

Can I teach for more than 8 weeks?

If you like the class, you are welcome to renew your commitment as many times as you want!

Do I have to be bilingual to help at the Education Center?

No, you don’t have to be bilingual to volunteer at the Education Center.

Is this an opportunity only for Catholic volunteers?

No, you can volunteer even if you are not Catholic.  However, you should be aware that our classes have a Christian atmosphere, were religious freedom is respected, but offensive comments against Christianity or Catholicism are not tolerated.

Are all your students Catholics?

No, 60% of our students are not Catholics.

Are all your classes free?

Yes, all the classes are offered at no cost for the students.