Madonna House

At Madonna House, our mission is to provide skills and resources needed, in a nurturing residential environment, to support parents and their children with a goal of independence.


What makes Madonna House special?

Madonna House is not just a shelter, but a residential program for pregnant women choosing life. A resident must agree to work toward a better life for both her and her child, either by parenting or making an adoption plan. In return, the resident has access to Catholic Charities’ programs to help her prepare for life after Madonna House.

Madonna House can be a fresh start for each resident. If she is committed to change, her experience as a resident of  Madonna House could be life-altering.

Do I qualify?

Madonna House serves women 18 years of age and older who are pregnant or who have young infants. Under special circumstances, women who have a newborn in DHS custody are also housed at Madonna House as they work to develop parenting skills and to complete programming allowing for family reunification.  Many Madonna House residents are employed, but employment is not required for entry into the program. Our program will consider applications regardless of race, religion, criminal background or country of origin.

There are no fees charged for the services provided.

If you are not pregnant, but have custody of other children, visit our St. Elizabeth Lodge program page.

If you are pregnant, want help, but feel this is not the right program for you, call our HOPELINE at 918.978.4673 to receive personal advice. (Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are confidential).

If you would like to apply, but have some questions about the program, call 918.508.7140.

What will be required of me?

A commitment to working toward a better life for you and your baby.

Willingness to live respectfully, in a communal setting, in accordance with the established guidelines.

Active participation in activities and learning opportunities planned by our case managers

How Madonna House helps you?

Each resident is assigned a Case Manager to help her assess her individual needs and assist her in establishing and following through with personal goals.  Residents are provided individual rooms and bathrooms as well as a communal kitchen, dining room and several living spaces, including computer facilities.  Residents make use of many other resources on the Catholic Charities campus, including education opportunities, counseling, health care, food and clothing assistance.  Many of our residents are enrolled in other programs with our community partners, including substance abuse treatment and domestic violence counseling.  These partnerships allow us to increase the level of care provided to our residents, thereby increasing their likelihood of future success.

What is the application process?

Pick up an application at front desk of Catholic Charities at the main entrance between 8:30am and 4:30pm or download it from our website.

Upon completion of the application, it may be mailed to Catholic Charities, P.O. Box 580460, Tulsa, OK 74158, faxed to 918.584.4588 or emailed to the Program Coordinator at

Madonna House staff will call on references and do a background check.

If criteria are met, a pre-interview will be scheduled; this step may depend on availability of housing at Madonna House.

For more information or to follow up, call 918.508.7140.

Click here to download an application packet.