St. Elizabeth Lodge

Working together toward hope & dignity

A transitional living facility where, through the love of Christ, we offer women and children a stable environment.

Families in Transition 

St. Elizabeth Lodge offers families a safe and warm environment necessary for family stability. During their stay at St. Elizabeth Lodge, residents connect with community agencies, educational, employment and housing opportunities which enable women with children to succeed on their own. Residents work with a case manager to develop personal goals and strategies, including financial goals such as budgeting, paying off debts and establishing savings. St. Elizabeth Lodge is not a shelter, but a training ground for independent living.

St. Elizabeth Lodge has eight two-bedroom apartments and one three-bedroom apartment. We serve single, working women with minor children, as space becomes available, with no preference to religion or ethnicity.


Must be a working, single mother with children. Children must be in their senior year of high school or younger.

The goal of St. Elizabeth Lodge is to make homelessness a one-time event, not a chronic condition. The best outcomes are derived from our work with motivated people who are eager to put the plans and systems into place in order to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining.

Application Process

Pick up an application at front desk of Catholic Charities at the main entrance between 8:30am and 4:30pm or download and print from our website.

Return completed application to the Catholic Charities front desk between 8:30am and 4:30pm or fax application to 918.584.4588.

St. Elizabeth staff will call on references and do a background check

If criteria are met, a pre-interview will be scheduled; this step may depend on availability of housing at St. Elizabeth Lodge

For more information or to follow up, call 918.508.7140

Volunteer Opportunities

Adopt a Family

Seasonal Events

Office skills

Transportation resources

Tutoring adults or children

Apartment cleaning/welcoming for new families

For more information about volunteering, call 918.508.7140

Willing hearts are always welcome and appreciated!

Click here to download an application packet.