New partnership welcomes Ascension St. John to Catholic Charities Pregancy Care clinic



In May 2023, a partnership was established between Catholic Charities Pregnancy Care clinic and Ascension St. John, marking a new era in offering comprehensive and compassionate prenatal and postnatal care. This partnership is dedicated to continuing and enhancing the quality services that clients have come to expect and deserve.

Comprehensive Care for Expectant Mothers

At the heart of this partnership is the St. Teresa of Calcutta Pregnancy Care, where patients receive care from licensed obstetricians/gynecologists, registered nurses, and an on-staff counselor. The range of services offered includes:

  • Free Pregnancy Testing: Providing immediate and confidential results to expectant mothers
  • Medicaid Application Assistance: Aiding clients in navigating and applying for Medicaid, ensuring accessible healthcare for all
  • State-of-the-Art Ultrasound Technology: Offering advanced ultrasound services for health assessments and a first glimpse of the developing baby
  • Counseling Services: Providing emotional and mental support during and after pregnancy, helping women cope with the changes and challenges of motherhood
  • Prenatal Education and Support: Tailored educational programs to prepare mothers for childbirth, infant care, and early parenting
  • Delivery at Ascension St. John: Ensuring a seamless care experience, deliveries are conducted at Ascension St. John, equipped with top-tier facilities and expertise
  • Language Assistance: With Spanish translators available on-site, the clinic ensures that language barriers do not impede the provision of care

Accessible and Convenient Services

Understanding the importance of easy access to healthcare, the clinic operates Monday through Thursday, from 9 am to 4 pm. This schedule is designed to accommodate the diverse needs and time constraints of its clients. The clinic warmly invites pregnant women or those who suspect they might be pregnant to reach out. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (918) 508-7199 or by visiting the clinic during its operating hours. 

Catholic Charities and Ascension St. John's collaboration represents a community-centered approach to maternal care. This partnership not only addresses the immediate healthcare needs of its clients but also fosters a supportive community for women during one of the most significant periods of their lives.

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