Traveling through the storm to a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat

Traveling through the storm to a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat: a reflection by Mary Lee Weaver

StormLast night, dark somber clouds filled the evening sky and resulted in strong winds and rain.  In Eastern Oklahoma, that can mean hail, trees being blown down and perhaps a tornado. For some, the storm is like the winds of anguish felt inside after an abortion.   Then there is an invitation and they hear the offer to attend a retreat for healing….and wonder, “Could I make it? Could I really attend a retreat after all of these years and deal with all of this?”  It’s an invitation and reminder of what God has to offer and how He will provide everything needed to get through this storm. “Will I simply trust Him?”

On each retreat, God brings those whom He has been calling. He lovingly touches each wound and embraces each person as they discover their voice and often share what no ears have heard before.  Some have been away from the Church and their faith, and others have been hiding their pain in secret in the pews.  With sharing and tears, each woman and man will find a transforming and radiant light and peace. They will see new hope. The storms after abortion have driven them to the retreat, complete with hail and winds of anger, pain, or regret, that have been carried inside for so long.  At the retreat, this is left behind as forgiveness of self begins. The winds calm and the radiant light shines through.

-Mary Lee Weaver, Coordinator of Healing after Abortion Services

The next Rachel’s Vineyard retreat for healing after abortion is September 29 through October 1. Register now:  or contact Mary Lee: 918-508-7142,