Student Volunteers

We are revamping our student volunteer program…just for you!

While we have certainly appreciated all the students who drop by to serve for a few hours each year, starting this school year, students will need to schedule times to volunteer. The changes to our program will allow for more interesting opportunities and, we think, will make your time with us more fun, more meaningful and definitely more fulfilling.

Our request is simple:

1. Contact us at

2. Commit to serving all of your required service hours with us.

3. We will provide more training, giving you the ability to move into more advanced volunteer positions.

By coming more frequently during the year, you will have more interaction with the Catholic Charities staff, and you will see the impact you are making. Your time will be more fulfilling as you are the hands of Christ.

Practicum, Internships and Externships

Catholic Charities is happy to host college students needing to further their education through active participation in a work environment and other class-oriented engagements on a first-come, first-served basis. We have hosted interns in a variety of specialties including, but not limited to, social work, counseling, administrative support, human resources, business/finance and accounting, human relations, dental assisting, dental hygiene, dentistry, and legal. We have been blessed to have students from a variety of schools including OU, OSU, ORU, TU, University of Southern California, NSU, Tulsa Community College, Tulsa Tech, and Tri-County Technology Center.

To apply for this type of opportunity, contact us at 918.508.7125 or to set an initial interview to discuss the possibilities and availability.

If you are under 18 – click here for a student volunteer application.  If you are 18 or over – click here for a college student application.